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Would You Like To Help?

There are many families in our community who are in urgent need of support.

As a nonprofit, our main mission is to try to provide help to these families, but sometimes, as much as we would like to support every need, our available funds won't allow us to do so. 

That's why we will be posting here the current needs in our community with the hope that generous donors like you can help us cover those needs that we can't cover.


Current Needs in Our Communities


Polk County:

1) The ParkView Housing Food Pantry needs your support. They are collecting food items to re-stock their pantry. Donate today (using the "meals for our friends" option in our donorbox link) to be able to help this organization provide food to families in need.

2) We are in the process of preparing 48 backpacks full of school supplies for students in need, but we can't do it without your support. If you want to help us fulfill this mission, please consider donating supplies to our organization. Donations can be dropped off at the Northeast Polk Chamber of Commerce (Haines City, FL) from Aug 3 to Aug 7. If you need us to go to you and pick up the supplies, we can do that as well. Just send us an email at and we will act accordingly. Flyer 

Puerto Rico:

1) A family who lost everything (including their house) during Hurricane Maria is in need of a refrigerator for their new house. 

       Donate today (using the "helping our friends" option in our donorbox link) to be able to help this family get a new refrigerator.


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