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Compassionate Hearts UNITED Foundation, Inc.
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The Compassionate Hearts UNITED Foundation, Inc., (CHUF) is a 501(c)(3) award-winning nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support to other nonprofits and charitable causes in our community.


Our Motto

"In a world where you could be anything, please be compassionate, be kind, because at the end of the day, we are all in this together."


CHUF Was Named "2020 Small Business of the Year" by the Northeast Polk Chamber of Commerce.



Our Charitable Programs 


                                Educational Equality Program                            Charitable Program                       Mental Health Awareness Program



Our Mental Wellness Academy 



At The Compassionate Hearts United Academy, our mission is to create a nurturing and supportive environment for individuals seeking to prioritize their mental wellness journey. We are committed to providing a comprehensive range of resources, tools, and guidance to help you achieve mental resilience and inner harmony.


Visit the Academy Page Here to Learn More About the Mini Mental Wellness Courses and Printables We Have to Offer.



Our Mission

To provide compassion-focused support to our community members, while at the same time, building an army of compassionate hearts who can help us change the lives of those who we serve.


Our Vision

A community in which we all care, provide, and support each other without conditions, expectations, and/or judgements. 


Our Core Values

We work hard to provide top-notch services clearly established by using a series of core values that distinguish us from the rest. Our core values that describe our commitment to our community, our readers, our donors, and our sponsors are:


* Honesty and Integrity - Our "business" approach carries a high degree of honesty and integrity, not only towards our organization but also towards our community, our e-Gazette readers, our donors, and our sponsors.


* Loyalty - Our commitment to our community goes beyond and above our call of duty.


* Respect - We strive to treat each one of you with a high degree of respect. Our organization treats others, as we would like to be treated.



Would You Like To Receive FREE Mental Wellness Templates?



Request Your Free Templates Here



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